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  1. Windows XP File Association Fixes
  2. Windows Vista / 7 File Association Fixes
  3. Windows Update Online
  4. Reset Registry Permissions - Used to fix "Access Denied" errors installing Service Packs and updates (XP only).
    Extract, run MSI file, then run CMD file. If window opens then closes right away, copy to and run from C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kit\Tools
  5. RunOnce Remover - Removes the "Welcome to IE7" on first run
  6. IE6 Reset Tool - Resets IE6 somewhat like hitting "Reset" in IE7
  7. Windows XP Installer Fix - Resets and re-registers Windows Installer components (WinXP/2k 32-bit only)
  8. Windows XP Installer Reinstaller - Removes all versions of Windows Installer, restarts, and starts install of Installer 4.5 (WinXP SP2+)
  9. Group Policy Installer/Repair for XP Home/Pro
  10. XP Recovery Console
  11. Take Ownership of Files in Vista - Adds a "Take Ownership" option to the right click menu

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