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Welcome to The AnswersBy Toolkit - the resource kit for the premier pay-for-support service, AnswersBy. For technical support options regarding support for computers, peripherals, software and hardware, or any other computer-related issues, please call our technical support sales at 877-526-4466 or visit for more info.

Please note: All links herein are to products we find useful. There is not any guarantee that any tools contained here will fix your issue. They are here solely for quick reference. There is also no guarantee that technical support will be able to solve your issue in the time alloted, but they will give their best effort. It is highly advised to back up any important data on your computer before making any major changes or using many of the tools on this site. Please be advised to only use these tools at the instruction of a certified technician, otherwise by using these tools you agree to accept any damages that occur from improper use of these tools.

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